Expecting Mumma Bundle

The Witches Bunch

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This bundle is packed with all the must-haves for expecting mums. 


The Nausea Mist is a must have for first trimester mummas fighting morning sickness and constant queasiness. 

Breastfeeding Balm: This herbaceous balm is filled with fennel and basil oils to promote hormone regulation, and boost fat content and milk supply. 

Nipple Balm: This gentle balm will help repair and protect sore and cracked nipples. Non-toxic and healing, this balm is a friend for every first time breastfeeding mumma. 

Hormone Support Balm: This little beauty is packed with hormone regulating, cramp fighting, healing goodness. Suitable for use during labour and after to help with cramps and promote the rebalancing of hormones. 

The Postpartum Bath Soak is filled with healing herbs and salts to help new mums with recovery. This deeply relaxing and medicinal blend is soothing on every part of the body.