About us

Hi! We are the Capricorn dream team behind TWB. Two sisters - Shawnee and Harmony. While the business was already well and truly in the works when Covid hit, the lockdown gave us the time to make lemonade out of lemons and devote all our time to getting TWB ready for launch. 

We have a passion for natural medicine, girl power, and learning new things. We'd like to think we got it from our mama and papa. A natural health expert and a serial entrepreneur - we've been given all the tools we need for this awesome journey!

Our favourite part of this business is creating new oil blends and dreaming up new products we think you will love!

A little about us:


From a young age I had a natural affinity for blending lotions and potions. My mother was constantly finding me mixing some sort of magical concoction that I was convinced would turn me into a mermaid or some other mythical creature. My interest in natural medicine began developing when I was diagnosed with absence seizures at the age of six. This set me on a path of trying many different herbal remedies and learning about the impacts that natural substances can have on the mind and body. From this journey stemmed my passion for learning and I developed a strong sense of resilience. It taught me the importance of of self love and embracing ones unique traits and experiences.


Growing up our mum was studying naturopathy, herbal engineering and botany. Our garden was always filled with medicinal herbs and by default we were always learning how natural substances work on the body and how best to treat certain ailments. 

Travelling through India as a child and being raised to value exploration of different beliefs and theologies meant I was free to follow whatever called to me. For me, a deep interest in folklore and folk magic drew me into a life of exploring European and American traditions, stories and practices. This interest was so strong it drew me into a History Degree, an honours thesis on the culture of New Orleans, and extended studies on mythology and folktales in Europe and the American deep south.