The Witches Bunch

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When you’ve had enough of the negative vibes, this is the pot for you. This kit acts as a barrier between your space and energy, and whatever negativity wants to get in. If you’re looking to move on from something in your past or shield yourself from those draining your energy or knocking you off balance, this will do the trick. Reminding yourself daily, no one can take away your safety. As these seeds grow, so does the barrier around your energy.

Each pot contains all the tools you need to focus your mind and meditate on your intention.

Watch your magical herbs grow, and be constantly reminded of the growth you are going through yourself. As you tend to them, you tend to yourself and manifest your goals into reality.


This kit includes:

1 x black plant pot

2 x seed packets

1 x black spell candle

1 x black tourmaline

1 x amethyst

8 x incense sticks

1 x card with meanings and mantra

1 x info card and planting guide